Furniture stories

MMooD specialises in concepts and stories for the furniture market. MMooD therefore departs from unique objects, instead of collections. Objects that all reconcile ‘form’ and ‘function’ and have an added function that makes life more pleasant and comfortable.

Take, for instance, the amazing tables by MMooD. They simply adapt to the size of your company! The result is both surprising and appealing. It shows that innovative design with a story is the future.

MMooD is looking for a personal story that connects seamlessly with the consumer’s lifestyle. Thanks to the versatile nature of the objects, they suit different persons: from bachelors to trendy thirty-somethings with young children and art-loving senior citizens.

Designers are the beating heart of MMooD. The brand has an exceptionally strong in-house design team but also collaborates with several external Belgian designers. So, every object bears the specific signature of a designer, making it unique!