Insight sideboard

Insight sideboard

Just like the Insight TV stand, you can put together your own Insight sideboard, lowboard and storage cabinet completely to your own liking.

You can personalise the drawers to your heart’s content. You have a choice of anti-slip or felt drawer mats, as well as handy drawer organisers that allow you to store your things neatly together. And, you even get to determine the height and colour of the drawers.

The drawers are fitted with telescopic runners. A light tap on the front of the drawer and it opens; a light push and the drawer gently slides shut. What’s more, you never have to get down on your knees again to look for your things stored in the bottom drawer. Your back will be forever grateful!

The cabinets of Insight are available in seven different wood colours. The cabinet legs are available in straight or angled design. You also have the option of a floating cabinet!

2-door sideboard: 124cm L x 73cm H x 47 cm W
3-deur sideboard: 184cm L x 73cm H x 47 cm W
4-deur sideboard: 245cm L x 73cm H x 47 cm W
Storage cabinet: 12cm L x 144cm H x 47 cm W


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