O'Wall shelving unit + drawer

O'Wall shelving unit + drawers

The O’Wall shelving unit with drawer consists of a metal frame, four shelves and one drawer or three shelves and three drawers. The drawers feature a handy push-to-open system.

This piece of furniture works well as an elegant storage unit in the living room or as an alternative to the chest of drawers in the bedroom. And, thanks to its simple, stylised design, it looks stunning in any interior.

The oak veneer wall shelving unit is available in six different wood colours. The powder-coated black metal frame can be fixed easily to the wall.

O’Wall 5: 4 shelves, 1 drawer - W 60cm
O’Wall 6: 4 shelves, 1 drawer - W 90cm
O’Wall 8: 3 shelves, 3 drawers - W 90cm

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